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  • Lloyd Haythe: What's your favorite film?
  • Ron Garner: "You've Got Mail." Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, a very likable Greg Kinnear... you think you're better than it, like 'Ooh this movie's going to suck' but then you watch it and it becomes a part of you.

Internet, you are officially on notice for the rest of the week to try and out-cute this photo of Nat the Fat Rat channeling You’ve Got Mail* with her adorable husband and squishy baby. Go on. I dare you. 

(*I’ve watched this movie twice in the past week. Really.)

  • Joe Fox: So what's his handle?
  • Kathleen Kelly: Uh...
  • Joe Fox: I'm not going to write him. Is that what you're worried about? You think I'm going to e-mail him?
  • Kathleen Kelly: All right, NY152.
  • Joe Fox: N-Y-one-five-two. One hundred and fifty-two. He's a hundred and fifty-two years old. He's had one hundred and fifty-two moles removed, so now he's got one hundred fifty-two pock marks on his... on his face...
  • Kathleen Kelly: The number of people who think he looks like Clark Gable.
  • Joe Fox: One hundred and fifty-two people who think he looks like a Clark *Bar*.
  • Kathleen Kelly: Why did I even tell you about this?
  • Joe Fox: A hundred and fifty-two stitches from his nose job. The number of his souvenir shot glasses that he's collected in his travels.
  • Kathleen Kelly: No! The number... the numb... his address? No! No, he would never do anything that prosaic.