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  • Question: Leslie Knope. Rory Gilmore. Hermione Granger. - danfaust
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    Yes, yes, and yes.

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danfaust replied to your photo “#tbt So I was a cheerleader when I was in third grade. (I know,…”

You’ll always be a cheerleader. (Also: Third grade? Seriously?)

Well, SOMEONE had to cheer on the third grade basketball boys. 

From my photography blog, I found proof of why Dan and Craig are friends. 

From my photography blog, I found proof of why Dan and Craig are friends. 




In this aquarium you can shake hands with otters (Happy Holidays!)

Someone at the Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park, Miura City, Japan, had a brilliant idea: Make a little opening on the glass that overlooks the otters’ habitat. You know, so you can shake hands with them. Gimme five, ottersan!”

I am surprised, no, I am astonished that no-one has leapt, leapt to attach a matching image of Benedict Cumberbatch doing more or less the same thing in Star Trek: Into Darkness

Tsk. Slow, very slow. I can only put it down to weekend lassitude. 

B+. Must work harder.

(Heh) :-D

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danfaust replied to your photo: It was spectacularly foggy this morning.

Whoa. Austin should change its name to Phileas, TX.

  • Coworker: (talking about how she needs to get stuff to complete her boyfriend's Han Solo costume for Halloween)
  • Me: You better make sure the pants have Corellian Bloodstripes. You're not Han Solo without the Bloodstripes.
  • Everyone else: ...
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danfaust replied to your post: thefount replied to your photo: “You’re awfully…

One could argue for Sokka and boomerang, too.

It always comes back to Sokka and boomerang. (Zing!)


danfaust replied to your photo: “When I grow up, I want to get married and have…

“Boy, have you lost your mind? ‘Cause I’ll help you find it. What you looking for? Ain’t nobody gonna help you out there. Jesus could come through that door and he’s not gonna help you if you don’t stop sniffing after my child.”

"You’ve never been to Jitters? Ryan, you are so dorky. Give me your number so I can text you.”


Dan gets me.


danfaust replied to your photo: Food Sharing - 300 Points

Do I have to squirt lemon juice on your post and hold it up to a candle in order to see the image?

You could always try that, but I’m not holding myself responsible for what would happen to your computer. (Or, you know, you could just refresh the page. It’s fixed now.)


danfaust replied to your photo: Second time around. I’m pretty into this movie,…

This really hammers home your inability to shield your ironclad love for this smash.

Right on target.


danfaust replied to your photo: Maybe I like frozen yogurt more than I’m willing…

It’s okay. Let it out. This is a safe space.

Sometimes…I find myself thinking about frozen yogurt when I used to think about ice cream. I don’t know what I’m becoming.


micahplease replied to your photo: Until we meet again, In-N-Out. (Taken with…

I don’t know what that is (chocolate and peanut butter?), but it looks great.

It’s their chocolate shake, which is vanilla with chocolate sauce. And it’s delicious.

 danfaust replied to your photoUntil we meet again, In-N-Out. (Taken with…

It…it has a face.

Well, now I can’t un-see it and it’s kind of freaking me out.