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Literally funnier each time I see it.


Literally funnier each time I see it.

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  • Roommate: It is wrong that I'm kind of into The Master?
  • Gretchen: If it's anywhere near how I feel about Andrew Scott's Moriarty, then it's probably a little wrong, but also extremely right. He makes me feel things that I don't entirely understand.


So last week I dreamt that I moved to California and gretchenalice came out to visit. We saw Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, his upcoming film that’s NOT about Scientology. (*wink wink*) But also The Master religion was real. And she joined it while in CA. Then her dad and her mean, little dog came out and I met them. There was some type of induction ceremony and that was it.

Now, I rarely ever remember my dreams, so all I can conclude is that The Master is going to be a powerful movie. My hopes for it are sky high since I consider Anderson’s There Will Be Blood a masterpiece and believe that Phillip Seymour Hoffman can do no wrong. I have a feeling that after seeing it this October, my thetan level will drop significantly.

Everything about this greatly amuses me.

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