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  • T: Isn't Dexter supposed to be a little kid?
  • G: ...
  • G: Are you thinking of Doogie Howser?
  • T: Yeah.

To be fair, it was very late last night when I made this and I thought it was hilarious. 

(I still think it’s hilarious.)


Since the dawn of time, mankind has pondered the question of why. Why am I here? Why is the sky blue? Why do we yawn? But none of these have been so persistent as that constant ache of doubt and confusion—why is Ziva leaving NCIS?


Some say they worshipped a large man named for a mythical ancient beast. Some spoke of a small vengeful maggie spirit who would one day grow to kill the large man and his red-haired consort. Others spoke of a creature from beyond the stars or a well-spoken man covered in white fur or of a wicked water-dweller. “This is not what matters to them,” Elderlisa said. “What matters is what they had done with what they pillaged, and the control they yield.”

“Now, why did this happen?” she said. “Why do they fight?”

The Youngers all looked to the youngest to answer, as was the custom.

“It was The Fox,” said the youngest, barely older than a maggie. “The Fox did it!”

The Elderlisa nodded. “He gave the MacFarlanders too much power.”

Mara Wilson continues to earn her status as my ideal imaginary best friend with her latest blog post about The First Decadian Simpsonites. It will be the best thing you read all day—I promise.

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Elisabeth and I continue our quest to quote our favorite TV shows using only emoji. 


Vulture’s doing a Sitcom Smackdown over the next few weeks, so I filled out my bracket in advance because I am a huge nerd. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. 


1. I would have picked Cheers over The Office, so I’m counting that as a point in my favor. 

2. I wish that Parks and Recreation would have been picked over The Larry Sanders Show, but Larry Sanders is the only show on here that I have no exposure to, so that’s not really fair to say. 

3. Golden Girls over Friends? Possibly crazy, but it’s an upset that I’d like to see happen. 

4. The only one that I’m really not sure about is The Cosby Show versus The Simpsons. 

5. Sometimes I really miss writing about TV. 



Zoë  Washburne, Our Lady of Loyalty. 


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Live. From New York. It’s Saturday Night!!

Our episode is being delayed for a West Texas Rehab telethon. (Yeah, an actual telethon. I guess those are still a thing?) The odds are not in my favor tonight. (Zing!)



Community loses writer Megan Ganz, which would be sad if all weren’t already lost

Real talk. Better to see her on a show than no show.

Seriously. I love me some Megan Ganz, so I guess I’ll have to watch her Modern Family episodes now.

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We love all 100,000+ of you! Free stuff!

The giveaway is ON.

This Tumblr surpassed 100,000 followers over the weekend. I love each of you.


I’m not going to list what I have here for your taking because surprises are fun.

I’ll be sending out TWO different prize packs of various DVDs and some assorted swag. The nice folks at BBC America sent me A LOT of cool stuff to include (you should follow them). Whovians take note.

Just know it’s TV stuff. So if you love TV, you should enter.


I’ll pick two random Tumblr users. You have to be following HuffPost TV on Tumblr and reblog the post. Please have your ASKS turned on.

EDIT: Unfortunately this contest is only open to the United States.


Reblog this post by 12 p.m. EST on TUESDAY, JANUARY 8 and fill in the blank below. Be sure to keep the full statement in the post.:

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Thanks for following and good luck!

“I love TV more than I dislike reblog giveaway contests. Seriously, guys, look at all that stuff. Be sure to visit HuffPost TV for the latest and greatest in TV news, features, recaps and more.

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Happy Joe Biden on Parks & Rec Day, everybody. 


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The Doctor

Here is the first teaser image from the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special

Grumpy Doctor! Velvet! Can’t wait!

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As Leslie Knope once told us, “Joe Biden is on my celebrity sex list — well, he is my celebrity sex list.” So she must be pretty pumped that the once and future vice president is going to guest star on Parks and Recreation.

We’re EW, and we approve this message.


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