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""Firefly" writer Jose Molina is the first to emerge, is greeted warmly as he photographs us. Tim Minear is also photographing the audience. "This actor wanted to be introduced as bounty hunter and sandwich maker," says Jensen. "You know him better as a leaf on the wind," and the audience explodes for Alan Tudyk, including a standing ovation from a good chunk of the crowd. Tudyk and Minear hug. The audience drowns out Jensens’s introduction of Nathan Fillion after the phrase "Captain Tightpants," and now 80 percent of the ballroom is on its feet as Fillion raises his arms in triumph. My eardrums come close to bursting at the shrieks when summer Glau emerges. She mouths a bashful "Thank you" as Molina takes her picture. Sean Maher enters acting like he’s just arrived at the greatest surprise party ever, mouths "OH MY GOD" at Glau. Adam Baldwin enters in triumph to the room he came to know well during his "Chuck" days. The audience also drowns out Jensen’s introduction of Joss Whedon, and now everyone is on their feet as Whedon has a smile on his face that doesn’t look like it will go away anytime soon."

- How to make Gretchen cry at work, edition 14

Brave Comic-Con Poster by Michael de Pippo