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Going to see Frozen this afternoon!



“Whatever. Whatever perversion caused him to like her was his problem. But he did like her, she was sure of it.”
—Rainbow Rowell,
Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park and 30 Rock? Perfection. 

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"If you walk briskly in a pilot’s uniform, you can go pretty much anywhere. I’ve been upstairs at the White House while the Obamas were sleeping."

- Carol the Pilot
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Miss you, Carol. 

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"My son. You may not remember me. I am your father. This message is coming to you either from beyond the grave, or because I am in the grip of insanity. The purpose of these DVDs is to educate and guide you through life in my absence. I will begin with our shared history. The Donaghys originally come from Ireland’s County Steve, where historically we were whisky testers and goblins. I was raised in Sadchester, Massachusetts. I won the Amory Blaine Handsomeness scholarship to Princeton and then attended Harvard Business School where I was voted “Most.” I once hit a stand-up triple off Fidel Castro. I was the first person even to say “I need a vacation from this vacation.” The song “You’re So Vain” was in fact written by me. In other words I have lived. In living I have learned. And now I want to impart that knowledge to you. I will begin with the basics. You are hiking in the Japanese highlands. A pair of snow leopards is stalking you and the blade of your katana is frosted into its scabbard."

- Jack Donaghy

Vulture’s doing a Sitcom Smackdown over the next few weeks, so I filled out my bracket in advance because I am a huge nerd. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. 


1. I would have picked Cheers over The Office, so I’m counting that as a point in my favor. 

2. I wish that Parks and Recreation would have been picked over The Larry Sanders Show, but Larry Sanders is the only show on here that I have no exposure to, so that’s not really fair to say. 

3. Golden Girls over Friends? Possibly crazy, but it’s an upset that I’d like to see happen. 

4. The only one that I’m really not sure about is The Cosby Show versus The Simpsons. 

5. Sometimes I really miss writing about TV. 


Thanks for seven amazing years, 30 Rock. #blerg

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Elisabeth and I have discovered the best game ever.



“In the words of Martin Luther King, I just gotta go for it.”

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"I didn’t super duper finish law school, so…"

- Martin Luther King, 30 Rock
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2013 Resolution: Eat more sandwiches.

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"Ergo. Affleck’s finally going to get that Oscar!"


Dennis Duffy, who is still my all time favorite Liz Lemon paramour.

If The New Normal was about Dennis, Megan and Black Dennis Duffy I would totally watch it.

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