“Mockingbird Lane” will air on Friday, October 26 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. What do you think of the “Munsters” reboot?

I mean, this is obviously better than nothing, but watching it is probably just going to break my heart. 

Source: huffposttv
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  5. dwtscommissioner said: Was this pic taken before they went to makeup? I mean come on!
  6. amandajets answered: It’s going to get can-sullllllld.
  7. philoblogger answered: I’ll watch Portia ans Eddie in anything.
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    thank you for ruining my childhood, NBC.
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    Oh, what the fuck is this shit?!?
  11. dreadfulpenny answered: WTF is this? Is Eddie Izzard supposed to be Grandpa? What the hell am I looking at?
  12. r3d-pine4pple answered: Crap! Grew up watching the reruns (I’m only twenty)
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  15. oubliettelavie answered: no. just no.
  16. smartblondie97 answered: LOVE THIS PICTURE
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  18. columbusiscapital answered: Oh, thank god NBC is airing that instead of Community. Who wants to watch that? (Rhetorical question: THE INTERNET wants to see Community S4)
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    I hate reboots but I love Bryan Fuller, so YAY
  22. andrewjrichards answered: I think nothing. I don’t think about. I don’t plan to think about it.
  23. grrargh answered: Worst birthday gift ever.
  24. burgersandfashion answered: i will watch
  25. theghostlycanary answered: What.. what is this?? I thought it said Munsters reboot.. so what am I looking at??
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  27. todayistheday answered: Who cares?
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  30. fckneams answered: this is what they’re showing instead of Community?
  31. crazyness-101 answered: kewl…