Americans Enjoying 3 Months Of Vegging Out Before Responsibilities Of Fall Programming Resume

WASHINGTON—Saying they just need to relax after a ”grueling” nine months of watching television, Americans across the nation are reportedly using the summer to recuperate before they take on the demanding responsibility of 2012’s fall programming lineup.


The Onion nails my sad life yet again. Honestly, I do like having my TV responsibilities slashed to a few hours* a week during the summer. It gives me more time to devote to other lethargic, solitary pursuits. (Playing video games, reading books, scrapbooking about Christina Hendricks, etc.)

*Thankfully, I never feel compelled to follow the goings on of the Big Brother housemates online.

I finished three books last week. It was glorious. (But the best part of last week was when they announced NBC’s fall schedule…) 

Source: The Onion
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